Smart Payments
Innovative solution for a new payment experience


The scope of the challenge is to involve startups, hardware and software providers, banks, and financial service providers operating at national and international level to collect and evaluate proposals for innovative payment solutions.
The solutions we are looking for are expected to enable new methods of managing payments towards and from the customer, who will be allowed to use innovative and digital models and tools to make payments and receive sums related to their account (e.g., bills, credit notes, etc.).
For additional details on the main use cases, please refer to the attachment "Illustrative description of main use cases of interest" (register to submission page to access the Annex)

Expiry date: 19 Feb 2021

What we are looking for?

A2A (specifically A2A Energia, the Group's Retail company), in accordance with its strategy of continuous improvement of the customer experience, will evaluate innovative tools that can easily be connected with its own ERP while ensuring optimization of the payment experience. In doing this, the objective is to enable:

  • A multi-platform and multi-brand perspective (i.e., using different payment tools and merchants available to the customer);

  • A multi-channel approach (i.e., exploiting different possible contact points and channels, such as the web, the corporate app, call center, chat, synchronous and asynchronous messaging systems, ...).

  • The goals we intend to achieve through this challenge are:

  • Evolution of the payment channels offered in order to expand options available to the customer;

  • Evolution of processes, through the possibility to increase the efficiency in the accounting area, as well as managing the "triggers" that enable specific steps connected to the customer's payment activities;

  • Multi-channel approach, which allows the payment instrument to be used by various authorized contact points (from the physical stores, to the call center up to synchronous or asynchronous chat systems);

  • Ability to evolve the tools and interfaces, being scalable for possible future payment methods and platforms on the customer side (e.g., Whatsapp Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, …).

  • The solution we are looking for will ideally support both payment and reimbirsement use case, but also solutions on only one of the above will be evaluated.

Gain and benefits

The selected candidates will have the opportunity to suggest an innovative approach for a new payment solution for A2A Energia customers, entering the open innovation ecosystem of A2A’s potential partners.
Following the call deadline, A2A will complete a review cycle of the applications. Once the feasibility, innovation level and potential impact on customer experience expectations are positively evaluated, further development and implementation might be considered, such as running a PoC, a pilot test or activation of a partnership with A2A.